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Zero Emission Maritime solutions

About ZEM

With over 19 years of experience with lithium-Ion batteries, ZEM brings a knowledge driven approach to offering battery solutions to the maritime sector.

ZEM is proud to have delivered the battery systems for the SMM 2016 ship of the Year, Vision of the Fjords (pictured above), as well as the 2018 ship of the year, the Future of the Fjords, and the latest addition, Legacy of the Fjords. ZEM was also responsible for delivering batteries to Eidesvik's "Viking Queen" and "Viking Energy" Off-shore supply vessels - the first commercial implementations of peak shaving solutions of its kind - helping to achieve more than 20% fuel savings during battery operations. 

ZEM's most recent line of AKAZEM solutions are also powering a new generation of smaller ships and ferries, including Norsafe's E-GES electric life boat and Moen Marin’s electric and hybrid fish farming vessels.

ZEM's core team has been involved in the integration of batteries into drive trains since 1993, having been responsible for technology powering electric vehicles made by Think. Standing on the shoulders of this Norwegian EV pioneer, ZEM has led multiple research projects to evaluate the performance of lithium ion batteries. Notably, working with Nissan to understand the battery degradation and second life use-cases. We have also worked with multiple research institutes to develop scientific models of battery usage and degradation. And we collaborated with DNV-GL to draw out guidelines for the safe and effective implementation of batteries in the maritime sector. 

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