May 5, 2015

More information can be found here.  

Eidesvik is one of the leading offshore companies, and a proven innovator in the field. As such, we are very proud that they have chosen to entrust ZEM with the delivery of their battery systems.  

We are also delighted to partner wi...

April 14, 2015

Together with leading innovators in the Maritime sector, ZEM CTO, Egil Mollestad and Chairman, Jan Olaf Willums, discussed the economics of bringing hybrid/electric solutions to the maritime and offshore industries. 

As stated in the day's agenda:"... As the recent Gree...

March 27, 2014

This endeavor, initiated by ZEM, has culminated in DNV's publication of the most comprehensive guide to-date for large battery systems.

The aim of this guideline is to help ship owners, designers, yards, system-and battery vendors and third parties in the process of fea...

February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014 - ZEM will be specifying and designing a very high power battery solution aimed primarily at the maritime market. 

We are grateful to Transnova for supporting our initiative. Our partners DNV will be assisting ZEM to ensure compliance with DNV guidelin...

May 9, 2013

ZEM and DNV continue offering courses on lithium ion batteries focused on the marine sector - Next session May 7th 2014

Update: Next course will be held at Scandic City, Bergen (10:00-17:00) on May 7th.

For questions contact: , 92 200 900 or

October 18, 2012

Nissan has partnered with ZEM to conduct a detailed business planning process and market analysis to enhance 4R activities in Europe. (Nissan’s 4R initiative targets Reuse, Refabrication, Reselling, and Recycling of electric vehicle batteries).

The 4R programme aims to...

August 16, 2012

August 16 2012 - This project involves validating and qualifying Lithium Ion Battery Systems for Marine Applications. 

The project is sponsored by the Transnova.

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