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Nissan partners with ZEM to Help Enhance its 4R activities in Europe

Nissan has partnered with ZEM to conduct a detailed business planning process and market analysis to enhance 4R activities in Europe. (Nissan’s 4R initiative targets Reuse, Refabrication, Reselling, and Recycling of electric vehicle batteries).

The 4R programme aims to ensure that electric vehicle batteries are reused, recycled, refabricated or resold at the end of the vehicle’s life. Interest in these batteries after they have been removed from end-of-life vehicles is significant, due to the huge number of potential uses, including renewable energy storage and power supply back-up.

ZEM will evaluate the market potential for reusing such batteries in multiple applications, detail the necessary processes and required costs to deploy them in these new settings, explore new partnerships and recommend strategies to pursue these new business opportunities.

This project will help enhance Nissan’s existing 4R initiatives in Europe by exploring various new and alternative uses for their second life batteries. By studying the requirements for pursuing these opportunities, ZEM will present the advantages and disadvantages of each market, and lay an empirical foundation for making recommendations on business strategy.

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