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Norsafe Announces E-GES Study Results

Norsafe announced the results of the study on its all electric lifeboat, which are powered by ZEM's battery solutions. "The study involved a full design and testing programme as DNVGL-ST-E406 and included CFD simulations, scale model and prototype testing. It has been demonstrated that electrical propulsion is a realistic alternative for free-fall lifeboats.

According to Norsafe, the benefits of the electric lifeboat are:

  • Significant reduction in OPEX cost

  • Remote monitoring of equipment from bridge and onshore locations

  • The driveline can be remotely started and stopped, and performance recorded, without personnel entering the lifeboat

  • Environmentally friendly with no emissions or fluid spills

  • Reduced requirement for on-board checks and inspections

  • 90% reduction in air bottle capacity, saving weight and maintenance

  • No need for diesel fuel reducing problems of supply and contamination

  • Redundancy is given by a battery management system (BMS) meaning that, in case of failure or damage, the lifeboat is still functional even with one battery - so there is full redundancy

  • Increased safety during sail away because of higher top speed

  • High level of personnel comfort when at sea due to climate controlled environment as well as reduced noise and vibration

  • Electric installation has been designed as DNV-GL and NMA requirements

More information can be found on the Norsafe web site, and in the news.

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