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ZEM-Powered Vessel Wins Ship of the Year

The all-electric passenger vessel Future of The Fjords has won the Ship of the Year 2018 award at SMM. ZEM supplied 1.8MWh's of batteries to this beautiful ship - the world’s first all-electric carbon fiber vessel. The ship is owned and operated by The Fjords, and it was built by Brødrene Aa.

Its sister ship, the Vision of The Fjords, a hybrid ship that ZEM had also equipped with batteries, won the same prize in 2016.

“Both Vision and Future were designed to showcase and protect the unique Norwegian UNESCO World Heritage listed landscape they sail through – delivering an optimal passenger experience, whereby visitors can become at one with nature, without impacting upon it,” said The Fjords CEO Rolf A. Sandvik. But the Future of the Fjords also comes with a "power dock" charging solution, filled with batteries supplied by ZEM. “Due to the limited local grid capability in our port of Gudvangen we could only access a charging capacity of 1.2MWh, just half of what the vessel requires,” said Rolf Sandvik. The power dock stores energy in the ZEM-supplied batteries, and can thus deliver the power necessary to recharge the vessel in time.

For more information, see this article in Norwegian and this one in English.

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