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Our current battery system consists of battery packs from Akasol. The battery packs are a maritime version of a pack that Akasol in Germany has developed for the bus and train industry. Akasol has signed delivery contracts for their bus battery pack with among others Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg. A dedicated battery assembly factory located outside Frankfurt has been in operation since November 2017. The battery pack has gone through extensive testing by the bus companies and is certified for use in the automotive and train industry. Module Propagation tests according to DNV-GL and NMA regulations have been passed. The battery system has achieved DNV-GL Type Approval.

With the Akasol batteries, we can deliver a very safe, robust and scalable battery system. 

  • Automotive Li-ion NMC technolgy

  • High energy density - compact and lightweight

  • Robust and proven control unit (BMU) with redundant safety system (SCU)

  • IP 67 casing and connections

  • Multi-level short circuit protection on system level

  • SOC/SOH Analysis

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