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The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act will help companies to promote respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and services.

ZEM works actively to align itself with the requirements and expectations set by the Transparency Act. We are in the process of carrying out our due diligence assessments, and will integrate these into existing work around assessments of our own operations, suppliers and business partners.

Our largest suppliers are sizeable European companies that also comply with the requirements of the Transparency Act. We work with our suppliers to map and assess their value chain.

At ZEM, we work according to an overall process that looks like this:

We carry out ongoing risk assessments which help us to prioritize which suppliers we focus on. Our suppliers are assessed at an overall level against two criteria:

• delivery risk

• prioritized product areas

Based on this assessment, selected suppliers will receive an evaluation form in which they are asked to document areas such as management principles, HSEQ, sustainability work, and which processes they work according to in their value chain.

The answers are evaluated and the individual supplier receives a risk profile. Depending on the risk profile, customized follow-up is implemented where we can either require additional documentation or carry out special measures and more detailed follow-up.

For questions about the Transparency Act, please contact us by sending an e-mail to:

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