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Pilot-E Milestone Approval in Principle

We are proud to achieve Approval in Principle from DNV Hamburg on our Pilot-E project!

This document proves that the principals used in our design is in accordance with the current regulations.

Pilot-E is a project we deliver to Moen Marin and Salmar, and will be the world's first hydrogen-powered farming vessel.

Our delivery includes the entire driveline including a hydrogen fuel cell, which we get access to through Volvo Penta.

The fuel cell can deliver up to 150kW electric energy and is to be installed in a specially designet cabinet in stainless steel.

This cabinet contains all control functions needed for the fuel cell to be safe in use and in a marine environment on board in ships.

This system makes the boat independent of diesel - still maintaining a solid range.

Pilot-E from Moen Marin is planned into operation early next year, and will be in use approximately 9 hurs a day.

The hydrogen storage on board has space for 125 kilograms of H2, and with normal use it is planned for a refill around three times per month.

In comparison, a diesel-mechanical boat uses approximately 20 000 liter's of diesel a year.

When we install serial hybrid solutions, this will save approximately half of this.

Hence, Pilot-E will save 120 000 liter's of diesel per year on this one vessel.


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